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Star Controller

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Dusk/Dawn Photo Cell Controller

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Throws at dusk and dawn using photo cell. The amount of time the spinner throws corn can be adjusted. The time of day it throws can not be adjusted, this does not have a timer the photo cell tells it when to throw. Just mount it and put a battery in it and your ready to hunt. All mounting hardware included.
Note: These are being sold as “refurbished controllers”, but most have just been opened tested and re packaged.

1 review for Star Controller

  1. muleskinner

    My family has used a star feeder’s for years first as dusk dawn feeder, then as a digital upgrade. Very easy to install adjust, and lasted 5 years on solar eye still going on my upgrade’ just love the ring of the spinner, like a dinner bell for deer. I look for used ones all the time since academy stopped selling them. Still feeding

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